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I want to download XRumer with discount ! — 19 April 2014
Hello "friend"
I have licensed software. I recommend to buy it ( I can help with discount).
And this is sort of software which should be licensed (with many of fixes).
But If you Xrumer bot - I'll ban you smile
How Can MetaStock Help You — 30 July 2013
There is metastock 12 video :
What is TradeStation and what can it do for you? — 4 July 2012
Do you like this article? What do you think? "What is TradeStation and what can it do for you?"
How Can MetaStock Help You — 4 July 2012
This topic for article "How Can MetaStock Help You"
Is metastock the best? — 10 June 2012
People even say that as long as your basic fundas are clear, trading sofware does not matter and metastock software in only user friendly. How you think? Is it right?
Who need Ninja trader? — 22 May 2012
Let me know.
Welcome to Trading Sowtware HQ! — 22 May 2012
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